Chris Christie, Casey Dubois, Ben Haggar, Jason Hummel, Shane Roy, Kyle Smith

Well, if there was ever a time to get outside and away from it all…. Summer in the Coast Mountains is about ditching the rat race and hiking, paddling, driving, or pedaling for hours to climb into Mother Nature’s bosom, pitch a tent, and bask in the silence, solitude, beauty, and adventure that only she can provide. Forging into the wild is an ingrained human trait, and it takes a well-prepared mind to assemble the right gear, read the forecasts, study the maps, and stay alert in the random entropy of the natural world. —Feet Banks


Well worth the hike in. JASON HUMMEL


Self-portrait. SHANE ROY


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Riders: Uwe Homm and Dan Khan. Location: Squamish, BC. BEN HAGGAR


Humpback whale breach, Great Bear Rainforest. KYLE SMITH


Squamish Estuary. CHRIS CHRISTIE


Cheakamus Canyon. CASEY DUBOIS

From ML Coast Mountains, summer ’20.


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