Here at Mountain Life we know that we are nothing without our contributors. We can’t be everywhere all the time, so without writers and photographers sending their ideas and images to us, we can’t put out a magazine. We’re always looking for fresh material for the website too.


Think you have a story idea that fits Mountain Life? Then send it our way. But before you do, please take a good look at the magazine and decide if it really fits. Look at our Departments and think about where your idea would fit. Is it an Upfront? A Backyard piece? A Food story? These are important things to think about if you really want your story to appear in the magazine.

Send us a detailed pitch about your idea, why you should be the one to write it, how it will fit in our magazine and why our readers will be interested. Also please send samples of your work if applicable.Make sure to let us know if your article has previously been published somewhere else. We will still consider it, so long as we know beforehand where and when it was out before.

And yes, you will get paid for your work we print. Send pitches to Feet Banks.


We’re magazine junkies here at Mountain Life and realize how powerful and important good imagery is to the magazine. And as photographers ourselves, we know how much work goes into every single image we print.

We’re always searching for new photographers with unique images, so send us your stuff. But remember to take a look at our magazine first and think about whether or not your images fit.

Please send us samples of your work as low-res jpgs, so it doesn’t clog up our inbox too much. And if you can, a link to your website or Flickr account would be great. Please send submissions to Todd Lawson.

When we decide to print (and buy) your images we will ask for high-res versions.

See links below to download our Photographer’s Guidelines.