Winter Surf? You Crazy.

Words :: C.G. Fuego Photos :: Colin Field.

People say we’re crazy. Surfing in the winter goes against the grain of just about everything surfing traditionally represents; beaches, great tans and tons of sun. But that’s okay with us. You think we’re crazy? Fine. More waves for us.

Cold water surf
Keeping cool – Photo: Colin Field

No doubt it takes a certain commitment to get in the water when it’s -15 out, but once you plunge in, and feel the ebb and flow of Georgian Bay, you instantly realize that everyone else is doing it wrong. They’re missing out. They’re losing at life.

And once you catch that first wave, no matter how short the ride, every nano-second leading up to that moment was worth the effort. Winter surfing is a great teacher of life lessons that way; you get out what you put in. And if you don’t get in the water, then you’ll always assume we’re crazy.

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Cold water surfing
Pow and waves – Photo: Colin Field

When we’re sitting in the sauna afterwards, soothing our wearied muscles and laughing about that final party wave, you know there’s a few beverages going around. Thornbury Craft’s Blue Mountain Light Lager is one such bevvy that’s perfect for the occasion; clean, dry and refreshing, this pale lager is as hydrating as it is delicious. Thornbury craft is committed to brewing small-batch, European style pilsners and lagers that are true to traditional style while producing ultra-premium beer with the freshness of a local product. Simply put, they care about making great beer. And it goes down real easy after a thirst-inducing Georgian Bay session.

Sauna and surf
Surf apres – Photo: Colin Field

So for those that continue to call us crazy, carry on. We’re fine with that. We’re gonna carry on filling your Instagram feed with the biggest icicles dangling off our beards. But you see what else is in that photo? A sparkle in the eye that money can’t buy. And a gigantic smile that has to make you wonder; wouldn’t it be crazy to not have this much fun on a blustery winter day?

Surfing Ontario
Refreshing in every way – Photo: Colin Field

Thornbury Village Craft Cider and Beer:

Located in the Blue Mountains Ontario, the Thornbury Village Brewery’s beer is carefully handcrafted. They are committed to brewing small-batch European style pilsners and lagers that are true to traditional style, with the added freshness of a local product. The commitment to quality has proudly placed Thornbury Village Craft Beer on the award-winning map.

They’re currently building a full-sized brewery in Thornbury and strive to be Ontario’s leading cidery and brewery experience.

Contest alert! Thornbury Craft is giving away the ultimate Canadian experience!

Thornbury Craft
Epic prize pack – Photo courtesy of Thornbury Craft.

Want to win an Igloo experience for 4 people? They’ll even throw in a some beer or cider, snacks and a Blue Mountain Lager prize pack for everyone! All you have to do is use #thornburycraft on social media to be entered to win!