MOUNTAIN LIFE - Coast Mountains | Winter Spring 2017 - page 63

"Once I have a visionor
a concept and can see
how tomake it happen,
then I can’twait, it’s as
if nothing else exists for
me. And I’vebeen that
way since I was young. "
RedBullAirforcemembers SeanMacCormac and JonDevore skydive intoa lightning storm in
Clewiston, Florida.
DarrenBerreclothandEvanSchwartz night ridingonQuadra Island,BC.
After a decade-plus on top of the game, Blake admits that
lately he’s spending a lotmore time trying to downshift and
relax. LastOctober, he travelled toUtah (without amountain
bike) and shot his first narrativemovie, a hard-riding, gun-
slingingWesterndirected by friend/artistChiliThom. Aweek
later, he premiered a passionproject at theBanffMountain
FilmFestival.TheAlchemists, a short film, follows Blake on
an introspective dirt bike ride into themountains behind
Bralorne, a nearly abandonedmining townwhere time itself
even seems to slowdown and take an extraminute to enjoy
the scenery.
“I’m trying to slowdown and learn to say ‘no,’”Blake says.
“For so long it felt like everything could all fall apart any
second, so I have always said ‘yes.’My programming is to
always beworking, creating and learning. For sure, I’ll forget
to shut the door to the house sometimes, but I amOCD once
I get cooking on a new idea. In that state ofmind, I will stay
up all night chasing that creative energy. It’s like 50 cups of
coffee…Ride it like it’s stolen.
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