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By his own admission, Blake Jorgenson – one of themost prolific and
celebrated outdoor photographers in theworld – can be a bit of a slug.
“When I’m in lonermode and bymyself, I am barely in first gear,” he
explains. “Andmy friends allmake fun ofme… ”
Like the time he lost a snowmobile off the back of his truck somewhere
betweenWhistler andBralorne… anddidn’t notice until he reachedhis
destination.Or the other time, whenhis car got stolen andhe spent days
driving theWhistler subdivisions searching for it… except it was parked
at the base of Blackcomb, right where he’d left it.
“It’s definitely a thing,”Blake says, “but as soon as the lightbulb ignites, I
instantly jump into fifth gear.Once I have a vision or a concept and can
see how tomake it happen, then I can’t wait, it’s as if nothing else exists for
me. And I’ve been that way since I was young. It’s not only the great idea
that powersme up, but also the connection of communication – I can’t
wait to show it to someone and seewhat they think.”
More often thannot, it seems that people are impressed. In 2001, Blake, a
25-year-oldmountain bike/ski bum, won the ProPhotographer Search at
Whistler’sWorld Ski& SnowboardFestival.That earnedhim a chance to
showhis ten-minute, best-photos-of-my-life slideshow at the showdown
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photography ::Blake Jorgenson
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