MOUNTAIN LIFE - Coast Mountains | Winter Spring 2017 - page 62

alongside top industry pros likeMarkGallup, J. Grant
Brittain, and JeffDivine.Hewon that too.Ten years later, he
came back andwon it againwith all newphotos.
These days, with an enviable commercial client list, 300-plus
magazine covers, a PowderMagazine “Photo of theYear”
award andnearly ever othermetric of outdoor photography
success, Blake’s impact is immeasurable.
“Few, if any, ski photographers are able tomatch thework of
Blake Jorgenson,” says photography legendPaulMorrison.
“His creativity andunique view on theworld continues to
inspiremewithout fail.Over the years, Blake has helped,
either directly or indirectly, allWhistler photographers to learn
more, push their limits and be better at our craft.”
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