MOUNTAIN LIFE - Coast Mountains | Winter Spring 2017 - page 67

amagazine, never knowing if it would ever even come back. I
remember living in anA-frame and one ofmymany roommates
was a cabdriver.He came home from 7-Elevenwith aBike
Magazine PhotoAnnual that containedphotos of every person
living in our house.Thosewere the days when I photographedmy
friends for no reason other than to celebrate our time together.
Seeing your photo inprint was very powerful.That particular
morning kicked off a real party, it was likewe hadwon the lottery.
ML: Obviously, there’s no such thing as overnight
success in any art form, but in2001 you came
from relativeobscurity andwon thePro
Photographer Search and theShowdown. The
photographywas incredible, but I’ve always felt
that how youmatched the images to themusic to
create somethingbiggerwas a real game changer.
That was backwhenwe still had to show slides on a
carousel, so I had tomanually advance the slides and the showhad
to bememorized to themusic. It took a lot of practice, but I was
really interested inmatching and transmitting the emotion of the
photos and themusic together.
ML: That’s howeveryonedoes it now – timed to
thebeat, soundeffects dropped in— it feels like
elements of editing andnarrative filmmaking are
almost as important as thephotography.
High camp in theTantalusRange.
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