MOUNTAIN LIFE - Coast Mountains | Winter Spring 2017 - page 71

I’m almost onmy third generation of pro athletes.The
guys I startedwithhave all retired and the young kids on the
scene back then are getting ready to retire now. I think us older
guys that spent a lot of time shooting film still visualize and
process our stuff as if it is film, the look of actual chemical
developing is still in our brain. But if you started off digitally,
there really are no rules for what is good or bad or real or fake.
It’s up to the viewer and the integrity of the photographer.
One ethic I have always believed in is that the power of a photo
is that you are documenting something real, something that
happened– a definingmoment in time. And the viewer shares
thatmoment. If you cross that line, it becomesmore of a digital
painting than a photograph.
The goodnews is that everyone has access to technology and
that’s breaking down all of the barriers to creating and sharing
images.The general public ismore interested and educated
inphotography and the bullshitmeter is honed. I think
connection and communication are themost important parts
of themodern equation, the empowerment of people to self-
publish their own images and voice. It gets thewholeworld
into photography.
ML: Butwewill always needmagazines, right?
For those kids living in anA-frame somewhere
getting their first shots printed? Theyneed
something they can run into thehousewith and
wave around toget everyone stoked.
There is an old school feel and appeal tohaving
something physical you canhold in your hand or put on your
coffee table.There’s something romantic about theway people
connect to amagazine, it’s so glossy and your name is down
in the corner.There are certainhuman elements even the best
technology can’t wash out.
Blake Jorgensen’s film,
, hits the screenFebruary
12, 2017 at theVancouver InternationalMountainFilmFestival.
After that, look for it at
"It’s incredible thatwe
canhave aplace like the
Tantalus, literally something
youdriveby eachday. "
Eric Jackson in theWhistler backcountry.
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