MOUNTAIN LIFE - Ontario | Winter 2016 - page 38

By Edward Taylor
This trip wasn’t supposed to happen. But when our annual ski
trip to BC was cancelled due to poor conditions last February
we opted for Vermont, then in the midst of its snowiest winter
in several years. For me the timing was less than ideal
I was
just getting over a bout of flu and the thought of any food other
than applesauce was repugnant tome. But I was well enough to
travel and this was my first-ever chance to ski Vermont; so with
a thermos of tea, a cooler of safe foodstuffs, andmy backcountry
gear, I piled into a truck with three buddies andmade for the
border. Destination: the mountain resorts of Killington and Stowe.
We had discussed flying, but our buddy’s truck was comfortable
andmore than big enough for all our gear. And when you factor in
the parking, lineups, and delays attached to flying, the potential
for hassles is major. And though the drive from southern Ontario
to the mountains of central Vermont isn’t short, it isn’t painfully
long, either. You can do it without stopping to stay overnight.
Our first stop is Killington Resort, where we stay in a condo
about a five-minute drive from the Ramshead Quad. Though we
don’t have fresh pow, the base is huge, and it snowed about four
days ago. With a bit of legwork we’re able to find freshies in the
Anarchy and Stairs glades and elsewhere. Killington is an untypical
resort—it’s an industry forerunner in sustainability and boasts the
K-1 Express Gondola and new Peak Lodge, both powered solely
by manure (ie, methane) from local dairy farms. In a business
that can’t generally boast about its sustainability or small carbon
footprint, Killington stands out.
In our three days here, we can’t hope to cover all the skiing on
offer. The locals are extra-friendly and proud to show us their
mountain playground. You come to The Beast of the East for
snowsports; there isn’t much in the way of other distractions like
big nightclubs, supermarkets or chain stores. This suits us well.
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