MOUNTAIN LIFE - Ontario | Winter 2016 - page 48

The volatile, ever-moving
liquid createdblowholes
and tossed aroundboulder
sized chunks of rock-hard
ice. It seemedunsafe.
For GeorgianBay tobe surfable it takes the right kindof weather conditions; thewind
needs to blow in the right direction for the right amount of time in the right spot. It’s
an uncommon occurrence. But when it works, whether it’s raining, snowing or hailing,
these guys drop everything to get out there.
Surferssay there’ssomethingabout ridingawave thatnon-surferscouldn’tunderstand.
They’ll compare surfing to love. They’ll compare it to God. They’ll tell you there is
simply no better feeling on the planet.
And if that’s true, the real question is: Why weren’t more people out there on January
9, 2015?
Madrygawaxes upbefore headingout again. COLIN FIELDPHOTO.
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