MOUNTAIN LIFE - Ontario | Winter 2016 - page 37

Brewmaster Michael Hancock was one of the founders of Toronto’s now
defunct Denison’s Brewing Company, where he developed his world-class
Weissbier (now a re-branded Side LaunchWheat) and the Denison Dunkel
(similar to the Side Launch Dark). The heavy German influence of Side
Launch’s roster is offset by the Pale Ale, brewed using hops grown within
10km of the facility. Its crisp, citrusy notes make it a nice hot-weather
sipper, while we’ll all be looking for a pint of the Dark when winter rolls
The malt room is more like a hermetically sealed bunker, hidden above
the main floor of the brewery and lit with blast-proof lighting to protect
the grain. A huge puppet of Saint Arnold of Metz, the patron saint of
brewers, presides over the room in grandiose fashion, with bags of grain
likened to his loyal subjects.
Chuck says four more tanks are scheduled to arrive this February, in part
to help satisfy the appetite of the LCBO. Part of the decision to invest
in such a a large space, Chuck explains, was to cut down on outsourced
storage costs, and repeat orders of cans and other brewery materials.
Another bonus is the entire line-up of unpasteurized, unfiltered beer can
be stored cold, in-house. “It’s all set up so that it’s here for expansion to
growwith us,” says Chuck during a tour.
It seems that the days of picking up a case of the “Big 10” from The
Beer Store are long gone. When you open your friend’s fridge at a party,
chances are you’ll find a variety of craft brews staring back at you,
meaning that maybe we’re less intomass availability these days and
more into unique, quality products that support local innovation. Consider
adding a can or two of Side Launch’s offerings to the ol’ fridge
you’ll be
happy you did.
Every timeashipwas completed, the
community-engulfingspectacleof a“side
launch”brought the town together to celebrate
thehardworkandattention todetail the
Shipyardswereknown for.
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