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Every single day, all winter long, a young child
carefully slides her skis onto the magic carpet
at Blue Mountain for the first time. And with
that one simple act, a new skier is born. For
many, it’s the beginning of a lifelong journey
in a sport with endless potential. Where that
journey leads—to the mountains of British
Columbia, to the top step of an Olympic
podium, or to a job alongside Blue Mountain’s
talented roster of Snow School instructors—is
anyone’s guess.
But for some who get their start in the Kids
at Blue program, returning to Blue Mountain
as an instructor becomes an early goal.
After learning from Blue’s dedicated ski and
snowboard instructors, these pupils quickly
realize they want to share the sport with the
next generation too. If you’ve signed yourself or
your little ones up for lessons this season, your
instructor undoubtedly has his very own Blue
Mountain story to tell.
We caught up with two Kids at Blue grads—all
grown up now—who are working in the Blue
Mountain Ski School. Ingrid Gerol and Kadin
Senten took different roads to becoming
instructors and both will be at Blue for the
2016 season.
For Ingrid, the journey started young. At age
two, she began taking lessons at Kids at Blue.
“We lived in the city and we came up every
weekend,” recalls Gerol. “I got adopted into
the program and Kids at Blue’s Leslie Ciarletti
was like my mom on the weekends.”
Gerol’s early start helps her relate to the
little ones she’s teaching today as a Level 1
Instructor and a Level 1 Coach. “When the little
kids get stubborn and frustrated, I totally get
where they’re coming from,” she laughs. “As
the teacher now, it’s humbling to look at where
you came from. I have both perspectives—I
was literally once in their shoes. I don’t work at
Blue Mountain as a job—I work there because
I love it.”
Words by AllisonKennedyDavies
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