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What if you couldget nearly one-on-one training from some of the best
cyclists in the area?What if you could ride throughout thewinter?Andwhat if
you coulddo thatwith a couple of your buddies? Soundgood?
That’s essentiallywhat the PowerWatts indoor training systemoffers.And
the newCollingwood facility takes the state-of-the-art PowerWatts hardware
and software, combines itwithdepthless cycling knowledge from the likes of
NoelleWansbrough, StephanieMartinek andClayAbbott, andoffers it to you.
“This is power-based training,” says SteveRoberts, a long-time
user of PowerWatts.“Youdo a 20-minute test to seewhat your
power is, then youdesignworkouts basedon that power.”
Those one-hourworkouts aim to improve your power output
and your technique over a 26-week program.
TheCollingwood studio features four PowerWatts bikes that canbe adjusted
to fit nearly anyone.These bikes arewired into software and screens that
monitor your power outputwhile recordingdata and comparing it to your
previous performances.As you cycle along, the numbers constantly change
letting you knowwhether togear down, pedal harder or ease off a bit.And if
you’re not sure,Noellewill tell you.
“It’s live coaching,” saysWansbrough.“Inmost spin classes the coach is on a
bike.Here I’m able towatch everybody. I canhelppeople shift gears and teach
technical skills. It’s like semi-private coaching that’s results-driven.”
Eachworkout provides a new set of data that you can comparewith your
previousworkouts and your goals.All online of course.
“The reporting system is kindof like a Strava site,” saysWansbrough.“You can
compare yourself against all the studios across the country. So you canhave a
stage race against guys inMontreal andToronto.”
“I have trouble talking about PowerWatts in a couple of sentences because
there are somany aspects to this,” she adds.
Created inMontreal
in 1996by exercise
physiologist, coach and
former professional Ironman
triathlete Paulo Saldanha,
the PowerWatts training
systemhas studios throughout the country. But PowerWatts Collingwood is the
first time it has been set up in a town the size of Collingwood.“These facilities
are inbig cities:Toronto, Calgary,Montreal,” saysNoelle.“There are no towns
this sizewith a state-of-the-art studio like this. Sowe’re all really lucky: it’s an
expensive system.”
DIY: Check out PowerWatts at Peak to Shore Physiotherapy in
–Colin Field
“You can compare yourself against all the studios
across the country. So you can have a stage race
against guys inMontreal andToronto.”
NoelleWansbrough running a PowerWattsmodule at Peak to Shore Physiotherapy, Collingwood. COLIN FIELDPHOTO.
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