MOUNTAIN LIFE - Ontario | Winter 2016 - page 24

Mill StreetOriginalOrganicLager
is the first beer brewedbyMill Street so it’s really close to
the heart of the people there. As such, when they brew it,
they don’t cut corners or rush. They take their time and
brew it in small batches using only the finest ingredients,
becausecraft brewing isn’t about fast, it’s about good.
Mill Street Original Organic Lager is a 4.2% European style
lager, brewedwithCanadianbarleymalt and specialtyhops.
It pairs well with seafood, pasta, chicken and soft cheeses
Mill Street100thMeridianOrganicAmber Lager
was first brewed at Mill Street’s Toronto brewpub in 2013.
This isa5.0%American-stylecraft lagerbrewedwithpaleand
ambermaltsandawhole lotofAmericanwest coast hops to
give it awonderfullybalanced character…andof course, it’s
It pairs well with light meat, seafood, poultry, andmedium
agedcow’smilkcheeses likegouda
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