MOUNTAIN LIFE - Coast Mountains | Winter Spring 2017 - page 112

“I can’t see any good reason why not to…”
–Chili Thom, on almost anything
WhenChili passedover to the other side onNovember 30, 2016, all our lives got a bit less vibrant and a lot less colourful.His creative spirit and
fearless enthusiasm for life inspiredus toget outside, tomake things happen, and to enjoy eachmoment spentwith friends, especially out amid
the power andbeauty of the forests, coastlines andmountains that he loved. Just 40 years oldwhenhe died, Chili was a husband, father, brother,
artist, adventurer, filmmaker,DJ,wilderness guide,TVpersonality, activist and a high-kicking, ass-shaking friend to almost everyone he evermet.
We love you, Chili.
ChiliThomon set inNorthernArizona for themakingof
Fistful of Key,
his final film shot just amonthbeforehepassed. BLAKE JORGENSON
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