MOUNTAIN LIFE - Coast Mountains | Winter Spring 2017 - page 108

NorthFace FreeThinker Jacket
“Engineeredwith burly GORE-TEX® Pro Shell 3L to deliver
waterproof andwindproof protection for boundless, expert
riders. This one is fully loaded for bigmountain descents
or sitting on a peak pondering life.”
– Jessica,TheNorth
Face Store,WhistlerVillage 604.938.743
G3 SCALAClimbing Skins
“For almost twodecades,G3has been leading the pack in
climbing skindesign innovation.Upping the ante this year,
the SCALA skins feature a revolutionaryHybridTipConnector
for improvedglide and efficiency on the skin track.That same
urethanematerial is extended to the first contact point of the ski,
whichgives a better glidewhile breaking trail indeep snow and
preventing snow frombuildingupbetween the skin and the ski
– a bigwinon cold, deepdays.”–
Jamie, EscapeRouteWhistler
604.938.3228 and Squamish604.892.3228
ARC’TERYX ProclineCarbonBoot
“ARC'TERYX steps into the touringboot arenawith a boot that has anunmatchedbalance ofmobility
and ski performance. In“tour”mode the Procline has greatmotion fore and aft butwhere it really
shines is in its“lateral”ability–release the cuff and it allows the shaft of your leg to angle side to side.
This keeps your ski & touring skin in full contactwith the snow andmakes for amuchmore natural and
comfortable gait. Add in a great snowproof gaitor and a very powerful cuff/boot for the ski descent
and youhave another trueARC’TERYX innovation. Get one on your foot and see for yourself.”
– Jo,Arc’teryx Store,WhistlerVillage 604.962.927
RedPaddleCoRide 10’6”
“If you couldonly ever haveoneRedPaddleCo
board, theRide10’6” is theone toget–it’s already the
world’smost popular inflatableSUP.Designed tofloat
andglideeasilyonflatwater, theRide’s strength is in
its versatility and it features just the right amount of
curve in theplane to ride smoothly andpredictably
in surf, nomatterwhat kindof rider youare. A
second layer of hard-wearingpolymer is fused to the
dropstitch coreat thematerial stage, removinghand
gluingerrors and savingalmost 2kg inweight.Cargo
tie-downs completean iconic package”
–Brian, EscapeRouteWhistler, 604.938.3228and
“TheAnnual is the shiniest jewel
inourMountain Life family crown
and features big, glossy feature
articles that aimhigher anddig
deeper into the political, cultural and
environmental issues surroundingour
lives in themountains. Less ads,more
perspective and there’s some pretty
kick-ass adventures in there too.
Get a subcription toThe
– Feet Banks
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