MOUNTAIN LIFE - Coast Mountains | Winter Spring 2017 - page 106

PatagoniaNano Storm
“Built tobuffer the start-stop cycle
of alpine climbing in the blowing,
blasting, cold andwet, the new Stretch
Nano Storm® Jacket blends insulation,
breathability andweatherproofness.
Pairing a light, supple 2-layer
performance standard shell with
the revolutionary 60-g FullRange™
insulationof our Nano-Air®, and an
addedhighly breathable liner, this one
is tech in all the right places.”
– Jessica,
Patagonia Store,WhistlerMarketplace,
“When you’re livingout of a pack, it’s
integral toprotect everything in it and
nothing spoils a big trip like soggy
belongings.TheOutDrymain compartment
is guaranteedwaterproof (and tested in a
rain-room for 24hours!) Sowhile everyone
else is looking for away around, you can
go right through.”
–Brian, EscapeRoute
Whistler 604.938.3228 and Squamish
SurefootMemory FoamLiner
“Imagine amemory foammattress… in your ski boot.That’s exactlywhat Surefoot didwith
the new SurefootMemory Foam Liner and it has redefined comfort andperformance in ski
boots.Youget softness and support never thought possible and combinedwithour computer-
fit insole it equals the best skiing experience of your life. Surefoot linerswork seamlessly in
every ski boot and the only thingmore comfortable thanour boots are our prices to fit every
– Sam, Surefoot,WhistlerVillage, 604.938.1663
“Dynafit continues topush the designs of
lightweight boots and theTLT7 comes in a
performance or an expeditiondesign. The
Performance boot is a little lighter and
significantly stronger topushbigger skis on
the downhill. Both versions share a single calf
buckle that is split for easy use andgreat hold
through the entire boot. In tourmode, a simple
flick of the outer buckle releases the toppart
of your boot for super easy touringbut holds
your lower foot inplace to avoidblisters and
maintaingreat control of your ski.The position
of the toe hinge–the pinholes are almost 1 cm
further back than any other boot–makes for a
very smooth and effortless footmotion. Light,
easy touse anddesigned for performancewith
an adjustable forward lean, this is verymuch a
pinnacle boot.”
–Brian, EscapeRouteWhistler
604.938.3228 and Squamish 604.892.3228
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