MOUNTAIN LIFE - Blue Mountains | Fall 2019

“It was one of the coolest ideas I had ever heard,” says Clay Williams, Run Director and Mapping Expert, of the moment he was pitched the idea for the Monarch Ultra. “There’s a movement from the extreme sports community to do something good for the environment.” And this ultra-marathon does exactly that. The 4,300 km relay event will mirror the migratory path of the monarch butterfly while raising awareness and funds for monarch conservation. Starting in Peterborough, Ontario, and finishing in Sierra Madre mountains of Mexico, runners will experience 50 km or 100 km sections of a 47-day journey across diverse landscapes, cities and towns spanning three countries. The idea for the ultra-run came to Carlotta James, Project Director and Co-Founder, while running forest trails near Peterborough. “Not many runs and races focus on environmental conservation,” says James. “We need to change the narrative [so] every runner can be an advocate for the environment.” The organizers are building a communication network comprised of conservation organizations, local governments and project ambassadors to spread awareness about the project and its overarching message of biodiversity and unity. Participants can fundraise within their own networks. Money raised goes towards groups doing critical conservation work with monarchs. The health of monarch butterflies and other pollinator species is closely tied to our own health. The simple act of pollen transfer plays an essential role in food production and security. Sadly, research shows that monarch populations are in decline. Mariposa monarca , as they are called in Mexico, are especially vulnerable to the effects of climate change, pesticide use, and habitat loss. In the mid-1990s the monarch population was more than one billion. Research has shown significant drops in numbers in recent RUN FOR THE BUTTERFLIES The Monarch Ultra Locally Inspired Collingwood Cuisine NEW EXPERIENCES EVERY MONTH Experience Collingwood Black Harvest Festival Saturday, October 26 The tradition of Hallowe’en and the Black Harvest Festival continues in historically Chilling Downtown Collingwood with Witches and Warlocks of the ‘Wood’ taking over the Town. Fun for the whole family. Christmas Starts in Collingwood Saturday, November 16 Santa Claus Parade, Tree Lighting & Fireworks, Santa’s Reindeer- In-Training and shopping in downtown’s classy specialty shops. HoHoHo Holidays 5k Saturday, November 16 Register to join the run, festival, games & more! GOOD FOOD STROLL New! Fright This Way