MOUNTAIN LIFE - Blue Mountains | Fall 2019

www. collingwooddowntown .com When you feel like soaking up some local culture, head to historic Downtown Collingwood for some creative fun. Enjoy a celebration of the finer things in life – the best in local art, musical talent and culinary creativity – featuring fascinating displays, captivating tours and exciting events all week long. It’s an authentic experience set in the midst of history and heritage in Downtown Collingwood. See you there! Let Collingwood’s Historic Harbourfront Downtown surprise you… restaurants and cafes, boutiques, live music, theatre and galleries years. And the population is still under threat. The decline in Monarch butterflies is closely connected to milkweed, the monarch caterpillars’ sole food source, and the plant is disappearing across its range. Monarch butterflies, like birds, complete an annual round-trip migration, traveling distances that make them one of nature’s endurance athletes. We all can play a small but important role in helping monarchs. Plant milkweed and other pollinator-friendly plants: this is one of the most simple and effective ways to support monarch butterfly populations. Volunteer or donate to conservation initiatives in your own communities and neighbourhoods. And if running an ultra isn’t your jam you can join in the adventure virtually. Check out the event live-streaming on social media or on an interactive map. (Runners will be carrying GPS trackers which will continuously update their locations.) A documentary film telling stories from the communities, runners and monarchs along the route is an integral part of the event. “The film will look at the similarities between the transformation of the monarch during its migration to an individual completing an ultramarathon,” says director and cinematographer Rodney Fuentes. For some participants, this is the first time they have trained to run these distances—a challenge especially when trying to balance training with family and work life. The film will also tell stories of community involvement and interview experts on monarch conservation. The documentary is anticipated to be released next year with plans of a film tour in communities along the route. “Ultra-running is hard work and challenging but you come out the other side feeling empowered and having learned a lot about yourself,” says Carlotta James. “Because you are outside for a long period of time you can really connect with nature and feel the energy of your surroundings.” —Laura Raimondi The Monarch Ultra takes place from September 19 to November 4. Follow along at and @the_monarch_ultra