Contact Mont-Tremblant

Montreal, Que

$82 lift ticket

662 acres

14 chair lifts

95+ ski runs

645 m vertical

400 cm average snowfall

Yes parks/pipes

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

You want it? Tremblant has it. In every colour, with extra-tall, extra-rugged, calorie-free, nut-free, maple-syrup-filled options. For what, you ask? Everything. It’s winter nirvana. Does the idea of hurtling 875 metres down a snowy slope sizzle your bacon? There are 662 acres for that, where 96 trails meander down Laurentian contours. Gather your cronies for the Tremblant 24 Hours of Skiing to flex your philanthropic ($16 million raised for children’s charities since 2001) and competitive muscles. The night begins and ends at Tremblant’s base, with a pedestrian village to pillage nature’s spoils crafted by local chefs and artisans, and an extravagant or simple somewhere to lay your head at night.

In the summer, putting tread to turf will find you snaking through the conifers in Tremblant’s extensive network of trails. The meticulous maps guide you by foot or by bike, then funnel you down to the clear waters of Lake Tremblant, the host of every hydrophilic activity imaginable. Don’t forget to stop and drink it in—those panoramic mountain views aren’t going to photograph themselves.