Mont Saint-Sauveur & Mont Avila

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Montreal, Que

$54 lift ticket

142 acres

8 chair lifts

38+ ski runs

213 m vertical

400 cm average snowfall

Night skiing available

Yes parks/pipes

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Saint-Sauveur and Avila have a mutually beneficial geographical relationship—like that friend who will give you the last, best bite of the end-of-the-night poutine. They sit adjacent to each other at the helm of St-Sauveur Valley, just off the Laurentian Highway. The two resorts and small town at their base see an average annual snowfall of 400 cm. And Saint-Sauveur has the largest night-skiing area in the region, so there’s every opportunity (38 runs of opportunity) to get in some time on snow.

The winter slopes change to water park status for summer at Saint-Sauveur. Cabins and campsites are available, so you can stay a while to check out the slides and pools and spend your nights finding constellations. Mont Avila and its surrounding area play host to a number of golf courses and a landscape friendly for those looking to get a hiking or mountain biking perspective.