Third Issue, 2015-2016

What is the Mountain Life Annual?

That’s a fair question for a company primarily known for producing two quality, adrenaline-fuelled regional magazines in different parts of the country—Mountain Life Coast Mountains in B.C., and Mountain Life Blue Mountains in Ontario. In addition to those who enjoy our high-octane regional mags, Mountain Life Annual is designed to appeal to anyone who engages in outdoor activity—regardless of age or comfort-level. Through ideas, art, and really exceptional photography, MLA goes beyond the bravado of adventure to highlight the social, cultural, and environmental contexts behind many of these endeavours.

Second Issue, 2014-2015

By engaging more with an outdoor state of mind than its physical dimension, MLA values inspiration over aspiration. We don’t expect readers will always be looking to do the kind of expedition-style travel we portray, but hope their personal connection to the outdoors finds additional footing and resonance in expanded understanding of the environments they love.

First Issue, 2013-2014

Print Edition