MOUNTAIN LIFE - Blue Mountains | Fall 2018

64 ML BLUE FALL 2018 RAISING GIRLS WHO RIP words :: Allison Kennedy Davies There’s a phrase I’ve enjoyed more and more since I became a mother: Here’s to strong women. May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them. As some readers will know, I’m the mother of a fierce and athletic ten-year-old daughter. As we were assembling this women’s special issue, I thought it was high time we celebrated the increasing number of butt-kicking young ladies just like her. For every girl featured in the following story, there are countless others out there, crushing boundaries, shredding bike trails, conquering vert ramps, kick-starting dirt bikes and climbing mountains. To all the strong girls and the strong families who support them—we salute you. THIS PAGE Lily Kenbur. NEXT PAGE TOP Keira and Sydney Snelling. BOTTOM Kara and Gabby Bosse. ALLISON KENNEDY DAVIES