MOUNTAIN LIFE - Blue Mountains | Fall 2018

20 ML BLUE FALL 2018 The annual Frozen Rail Jam will turn 10 this upcoming winter season at Blue. FRJ kicks off the competition season and attracts some of the top freestyle skiers and snowboarders from across Ontario. It is open to anyone and boasts Youth (12 and under), Amateur and Open categories in skiing and snowboarding. FRJ is a “best in line” event where participants in each category compete as a group—you hike up and hit the rails as many times as you can. The Blue event is a half-hour jam format for each category and judging is based on best overall impression. The course—set up in the Badlands' new location, visible from the Orchard lift—consists of a series of rail features designed by Blue’s events supervisor and terrain park staff. Erika Langman, Mountain Events Manager, hinted that there is something special in store for the 10 th anniversary set-up which will be revealed a few days before the event. The team got creative for the last Jam, designing a ledge constructed of solid ice. Blue’s FRJ has seen a steady rise in female participants. Some of the women have moved on to higher level competitions. “It’s a small community but a tight community,” says Langman. “The more experienced female competitors act as mentors to the younger ones. The ladies stick together which creates a positive environment.” A traditionally male-dominated sport, freestyle has seen an emergence of female participants in the last decade. This has been the case for women participating in many outdoor action sports both recreationally and professionally. The women who trail-blazed these sports stood as role models, inspiring the next generation to ride halfpipe, shred a ski cross course, or hit jumps and rails in a park. After all, seeing someone who looks like you testing their limits instills the belief that you can, too. Gender aside, outdoor action sports require rock solid self-belief and unbreakable trust in your abilities. Falls and injuries are inevitable in these types of sports— they humble us but also test our physical and mental limits, push boundaries and fine-tune skills. One could say that sport imitates life.One thing is for sure,whether you’re a boy or a girl, a seasoned rider or neophyte, or just enjoy watching some talent on the slopes—the FRJ is guaranteed to impress. Snowboarder Jillian Clarke, who competed in FRJ last year, adds: “Ontario has a lot to offer within the freestyle scene and there’s always been a strong sense of community within the sport. For example, Blue’s FRJ. There’s a competitive side to this event but it’s also a great day to ride with friends. Despite how cold it was last year, it was one of my favourite days of the season.” —Laura Raimondi FRJ will take place on January 5 th , 2019. Registration is at Blue Mountain’s South Base Lodge from 8:30-9:30 AM. Entry fee is $30 plus a valid lift ticket or season pass. The event is sponsored by Smith, Rockstar, Ride, K2, Line, Full Tilt and Airhole. UP FRONT FROZEN RAIL JAM AT 10 MARC LANDRY/BLUE MOUNTAIN RESORT