MOUNTAIN LIFE - Blue Mountains | Spring 2017 - page 5

GetBack toYourRoots
Thedownhillmountainbikeseason isaround thecorner, andwe’reservingup
ahealthydoseof rocksand roots tosatisfyyourappetite!Whether you’re looking
for technical singletrackdescents, sculpted jumpsanddrops, or justgentle
beginner terrain, you’ll find iton the trailsof theBlueMountainBikePark.
BikeParkSeasonPass |
o‚erendsMay 18, 2017
*Price+HST. SeasonPassvalid forunlimited trail and liftaccessduringall operatinghoursof the2017season,
weatherandconditionspermitting. Riders 17andunderare required tocompleteawaiver, skill assessmentandview
anorientationvideoprior topickingup theirSeasonPass. All ridersare required tocompleteawaiverandasecondary
freerideassessment toaccessspecial terrain (controlled-access) trails. Rate increases to$399+HSTonMay 19, 2017.
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