MOUNTAIN LIFE - Ontario | Winter 2016 - page 91

Youwon’t find amore dextrous alpine-ready
mitten anywhere.Arc’teryx’sTri-Dex patterning
maps the thumb according to its natural
graspingmotion,while the finger box also
provides the cleanest grippossible. Builtwith
ruggedGore-Tex fabric and tricot technology
on the palm and fingers, breathableN70p
Gore-Tex on the back of the hand, and fully
taped seams, the Lithic seals outwater,wind
and snow.Three types of PrimaLoft insulation
aremapped toprovide effective thermal
performance, extendeddurability andmax
levels of ergonomic freedom.
Outfittedwith a sliding lever that allows you to swiftly
release and reload the lens, themid-sizedAcemarks the
debut of SPY’s acclaimedHappy Lens in a cylindrical goggle
andpacksmore than a few tricks up its sleeve. Featuring
SPY’s all new SIC (Superior InjectedCurve) Lens—an
injected cylindrical lenswith a unique tapered shape for
impact protection andoptical clarity—theAce includes
a bonus lens and comes at a nice price point. 100%UV
protection.More on theHappy Lens here:
From the vertical ice ofMontmorency Falls to themisty caverns ofMetcalfeRock, the new
LinchpinHooded Jacket is a soft shell for ice climbing, ski touring, and cold-weather hiking.
The performance of thewindproof,water-resistant, breathable and toughWindstopper fabric
is augmentedby hem-to-bicep zippered vents.The Linchpin’s stand-up collar andwide-brim
halohoodprovideweather protection in changing conditions, and the two-way sliding front
zipper can accommodate a harness andbelay device.This is a key lightweight layer for all
yourmessiest adventures. Includes Dynamic Reachunderarmpanels, articulated elbows, and
The Furyoffers unmatcheddouble-wall strength, reliability, andextremeweather
readiness.The small footprint allows this 4-season tent tobepitchedwithminimal
platformprepon steep slopes and ridges, and itweighs just over 6 lbs—not bad for
suchaprotective littlemonster.Ahooped front vestibulemaximizes critical storage
space, anda large rearwindowkeepsweight downwithout compromising the cross-
ventilationmandatory in4-season shelters.Colour-codingmakes the Furyquickand
easy to set upwhen the conditions put youunder duress.The“bathtub” floor keeps
seams off theground to stop leaks;windowand fly vents helpprevent condensation
buildup.Want to startwinter camping?This is the tent youneed.
Constructed from 95%merino
wool and 5% spandex, the
Blacksheepbaselayer collection
keepsmenwarm, dry,mobile,
and stink-free. Ideal for high
aerobic activities such as
backcountry skiing, Blacksheep
will quickly become your
go-tobase for the coldest
pursuits.The revolutionary
SAXX comfort pouch keeps
everythingmanly inplace,
preventingunwanted friction
andmovement to reduce chafe
and allow contact-free support.
TheClassic is high-cut, 100%
waterproof and constructedwith
3mmNeo-Tech insulation and a
plush lining to keep tiny toes dry
and cozy. Boasts easy-onpull
handles (kid-tested and approved)
and is comfort tested to -34°C.This
is the ideal first boot for the young
Bogs adventurer in fall,winter
and spring.Other pluses include
non-marking and self-cleaning
outsole, andmachine-washability.
With a shape inspiredby theCatalina line of
hardshell touringboards, theCatalina iSUP 12.6
is a groundbreaking touring inflatablewith
multiple tie-downs for deck stowage. Constructed
withheavy-duty double layer PVCdrop-stitch
construction, theCatalina iSUPprovides
maximumdurability, portability and rigidboard
performance suitable for rivers, flatwater or
even small waves. Includes carry bag, pump and
repair kit. BluWave’s exclusiveV-shapednose
finally provides true displacement hull board
performance in an inflatable.
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