MOUNTAIN LIFE - Coast Mountains | Summer 2020

23 Lessons learned on backcountry bikepacking sojourns words and photos :: Ben Haggar An empowering satisfaction awaits any who ride beyond the constraints of a single day. Time holds much less weight when you’re pedalling into the backcountry with everything you need to survive (and thrive) jammed into a pack and strapped to your bike. And as time’s hold diminishes, all kinds of possibilities open up… Bikepacking strikes the perfect balance between necessity and weight—that sweet spot where the travel is fast enough to cover great distances into lesser known zones, but also maintains a slow enough pace to absorb the surroundings. Looking back at distant mountain passes overcome during difficult struggles the day before creates a tangible connection to the landscape that is rarely found on a single-day adventure. Throughout my years of bikepacking, the mountains have taught me a few lessons about this niche sport. Here are some adventure hacks for the bikepack. BACKYARD Pack, pedal and push until the sun goes down.Anja Braun gains some elevation. IKE-HACKING