MOUNTAIN LIFE - Coast Mountains | Winter Spring 2017 - page 94

Indeed, most dirtbags live as such by choice. These bin-diving, pow-
shredding, rock-scampering free spirits are usually cognitively-functioning
and physically competent enough to commence work at any time. This
means that social mobility across the three dirtbag strata is also fairly
easy—the lowest dirtbag can become a granola simply by getting a job,
and the granola can become a member of the Sprinter-owning class,
provided that he or she is happy to shoulder a lifetime of debt for an
overpriced vehicle.
For Eleanor and I, living in Big Red as working class dirtbags was an
experience we shall remember, and cherish, for the rest of our lives. I’ve
heard that theWalmart parking lot has been gentrified now, because
they no longer let dirtbags park overnight. But that’s okay, we enjoyed
the best of times there and, with the change of seasons, we hit the road
and adopted new identities. Taking on the GORE-TEX-clad pelage of the
dirtbag in winter form, we became “ski bums."
Healsoknows there isavery real possibility
that hisvanmaynever restart,which is
problematicwhen the time comes for a tactical
exit in thewintry, pre-dawnof his illegal
bivouac inParkingLot 4.
The author takes hismorning coffee andwonderswhat the daywill bring.
Worth every penny. Peaceful midweek solitude atop the Stawamus Chief.
Another fine day at the Squamish
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