MOUNTAIN LIFE - Coast Mountains | Winter Spring 2017 - page 74

words :: SarahWoods
illustration :: Dave Barnes
The future is here. Technology that used to exist
strictly in the realm of Sci-Fi movies, and for
astronauts, is now available to all.
Developed by NASA in the late 1960s to help
astronauts stay alive while in orbit and away
from the earth’s magnetic field, PEMF (Pulsed
Electromagnetic Field) Therapy is a treatment
designed to help the health of the body’s cells
by pulsingmagnetic waves.
“Basically, it’s just a technological way of
simulating the natural magnetic fields of the
earth,” explains Sean Dillon, who owns PEMFiT
Therapy in Pemberton. “Our cells use amagnetic
field to function, our bodies need it. So this
therapy is actually like a natural supplement.”
Sean uses a PEMF generator to induce cells
to exercise their functions in a natural state.
This allows your cells to absorbmore oxygen,
nutrients, store more energy and detox all of
your systems. The therapy increases energy
levels in the cell, causing greater activity and
increased ability to heal or fight bacteria and
other pathogens.
Similar to astronauts in orbit, most of us are
increasingly insulated from the earth’s natural
magnetism. Many people spendmore time
on concrete than forest floor and even then,
rubber-soled shoes, boots and vehicle tires keep
us from truly plugging in. As well, technological
devices such as cell phones, tablets and laptops
are believed to create electromagnetic “field
pollution,” which Sean believes can have a
negative effect on our cellular functions.
“The body heals itself, and it is able to heal
itself more efficiently within the environment
created by the PEMF generator,” says Sean.
“Our cells thrive in this environment. It’s almost
like a reboot.”
The establishedmedical community hasn’t
wholeheartedly accepted PEMF, but there is
plenty of anecdotal evidence demonstrating
its ability to helpmaintain general wellbeing,
as well as treat disease, inflammation and
injury. Sean’s list of regular clients includes
people battling cancer, those who experience
inflammation and arthritis, and professional
athletes rehabbing injuries.
"Old neck and shoulder injuries had been
botheringme for months," says professional
freeskier Mark Abma. "After just one PEMF
session they both felt great and have been pain
free since."
With praise like that I had to try it myself. I
had slept a little funny the night beforemy
treatment, so I walked into it with a kink inmy
neck. A30-minute treatment (recommended
length for first-timers) focusedmainly on this
area of my body and I walked away feeling a bit
floaty (almost like an astronaut on a wild planet
with limited gravity!) I also experienced some
relief and greater comfort in that kink inmy
neck, too. My experience left me wantingmore,
and with an open-minded respect for the device.
From the shuttles of NASA in a galaxy far away
to the Coast Mountains of our backyard, perhaps
PEMF Therapy is “a new hope” for “the next
generation” of cellular healing.
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