MOUNTAIN LIFE - Coast Mountains | Winter Spring 2017 - page 16

There is a certainpeace ofmind that comeswith time spent alone in themountains.The freedom and solitude of
nature brings us toplaces of humility, grace, personal insight andbliss…
But the real fun– thegrin splitting, fist pumping, shoutingwithglee FUN– comes from sharing it allwitha friend.
Someone topickupour gearwhenwe fall anddigus outwhenwe’re stuck. Someone tohigh-fiveat thebottom,
or sit silentlywithon the summitwhile the views and theaccomplishment soak in. Someone to share thedream.
That’s not to say there’s anythingwrongwith a good solomission, andwe’ll always raise a glass to the rugged
individualistswhodo it their ownway. But amidst all the pushing further, diggingdeeper and climbinghigher,
let’s not forget the value of a simple day out having funwithour crew.
Because formost of us, time spent in themountains is a shared experience.Wemeet our buddies for first chair
or in the parking lot of the sled zone.We hike into secret spots together, après together, and snapphotos of each
otherwhilst shredding the gnar.We corroborate eachother’s bold claims and are ready togoon the nextwild
adventure. In themountains,we trust our lives to the people aroundus and the quality of any tripoftenhinges
on the teammates, not the landscape.
For a long time, I’ve been looking for a cover to celebrate thewaywe actually goout into thewild. I thinkwe
finally found it this issue – a couple of buddies, rawnature, deeppowder and real fun.Thewild solitude of the
CoastMountains is a beautiful and inspiring thing, but living the dreammeans sharing the dream, especially in
this day and age. It’s a betterworldwhenwework together.
— Feet Banks
The teammakes the trip. Johnny Foon andMatty Richard take a gander atMt.Tremor. SpearheadTraverse, CoastMountains. ANDREWBRADLEY
“I’ll let you be inmy dream if I can be in your dream.” –BobDylan
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