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If you’ve ever owned a headlamp, you probably know a few things: 1. They’re always out of battery when you need them most, and 2. When working, they are useful in many, many different ways.  So, when we came across the Savvy Touring Headlamp, we couldn’t resist sharing this game-changing headlamp with you.

What makes it so special? Well, a variety of things—namely, it’s 44-hour battery life. This is accomplished by utilizing two battery systems: alkaline and lithium-ion.

A good headlamp can make the difference between pleasant and suffering on a late-night mission.

No battery system is perfect—but with Savvy Touring’s combination of lithium ion battery and a separate power bank of Alkaline batteries, this headlamp has you covered. Why the two batteries? Well, each battery system has its pros and cons. By using both, the headlamp gets about as close to perfection as you can ask for.

The unit comes with a backup alkaline battery—making it the most reliable on the market.

With an alkaline battery, you’re protecting yourself from a loss of battery life in cold weather. They are also easy to swap out if new batteries are needed, and they are reliable even after not being used for long periods of time.

But they also have their downfalls: they aren’t reusable, they need to be replaced often (usually before they are completely used for the unit to operate at full power), and their energy output generally decreases over time.

Luckily, with the Savvy Touring Headlamp you are mainly relying on the lithium ion battery. With a lithium ion rechargeable battery (by USB and Solar) you are doing your part to reduce waste, and they tend to maintain consistent power for longer.

The downside? They can be heavy, they are affected by the cold, and will abruptly go from full power to none—but that’s why you bring a backup to keep the battery warm and provide a backup option that won’t take the gift of light away when you need it most.

Along with the game-changing battery system, the Savvy Touring Headlamp is packed with features that will match up to the most powerful headlamps on the market: 44 hours of full battery life, a 268 lumen light, a 2.5 metre drop rating, and IPX6 waterproof rating.

There’s light at the end of the tunnel, and Savvy Touring is here to help by giving away an epic piece of gear that can be used in all sorts of conditions. Fill out the form below to enter—good luck! —ML

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