2020 Advertiser Questionnaire

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At Mountain Life, our mission remains the same: We want to connect people to the magic of the mountains. 

We’re all in a state of uncertainty at the moment and fortunately, we’re all in this together. We know that businesses and brands need to stay connected with their loyal customers, and to connect with future ones. What do you think? Is it time to lay low? Or is now the time to ramp up and demonstrate your values with your customers? 

If you could kindly take thirty seconds of your time to answer five quick questions below, it will help us all, together.

Are you seeing an increase in engagement with your brand? At Mountain Life, we’re seeing upwards of a 10x increase in daily engagement on our website. Our social media platforms are seeing the same exponential growth. Some of our clients are seeing the opportunity to market their products to a captive, “at home” market.

Thank you and stay safe,
Team ML

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We can see already that none of us are alone in this…