Arc’teryx ReBird Takes Flight

Respecting nature by propelling circularity: Arc’teryx’s new ReBird initiative explained.

The garment industry makes roughly 100 billion wearables every year—enough for every person on the planet to buy something fresh to wear every single month. An astounding three out of five of those garments will end up in landfills within just one year. This obviously unsustainable model has made this industry one of the all-time largest global polluters and waste producers.


The ReBird Pouch, made from upcycled jacket material. ARC’TERYX


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Arc’teryx has never been a fast-fashion brand—they build things to last. But they admit that the garments they make are very resource-intensive—65% of the lifetime impact happens before a piece even makes it to the store rack or consumer—from just the labor-intensive creation of raw materials and manufacturing process.

So reducing waste is one of the most powerful levers Arc’teryx has for meeting the targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that they committed to in 2020. Propelling circularity is now a key focus for Arc’teryx as they target net-zero. And ReBird is the program where they bring circularity to fruition.

The Women’s Stowe Windshell ReBird. Made from materials saved from waste— specifically, the ends-of-roll left after making the Squamish Hoody. ARC’TERYX

What is Circularity?

Circularity means acknowledging the limits of our planet by designing waste and pollution out of systems, keeping materials perpetually in use, and regenerating natural systems. Arc’teryx takes inspiration from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation circularity principles outlined in Make Fashion Circular: “We design product to be used more, made to be made again, and made from safe and renewable materials.”


The Men’s Stowe Windshell ReBird. ARC’TERYX


What is ReBird?

ReBird is the new hub for all Arc’teryx initiatives in upcycling, resale, care and repair—where customers help arc the company towards a more circular method of operating.



So what does the name “ReBird” mean?

A lot of people just think of it as a strange fossil, but many refer to the mark/logo of Arc’teryx as “the bird.” Inspired by a 150 million-year-old bird, the first reptile in the fossil record to have developed feathers for flight, Archaeopteryx lithographica invokes the values that have been core to Arc’teryx from the outset—evolutionary change in response to the challenges of our natural environment. ReBird is “the bird” brought into new life, bringing “old bones”—dead ends, used gear, cast-offs, waste—back into the light.


An upcycled Tote, where well-loved jackets that are no longer wearable are resurrected into an everyday urban carry-all. ARC’TERYX


Keeping the Good in Circulation

Arc’teryx develops programs to keep quality gear in the field. Currently available for trade-in in Canada, and both trade-in and purchase in the US, Used Gear will take back items you’re no longer wearing, and find someone who will. As Used Gear, they verify and authenticate each piece, clean it, repair it to meticulous standards, and put their warranty on it, to make it available for another lifetime of adventures. Visit the Trade In and Resale Hub.

Care to Make it Last

One of the simplest ways to increase planetary repair and acts of reciprocity is to take care of our stuff. Arc’teryx is encouraging their communities to reclaim the art of care and repair.

The Men’s Stowe Windshell ReBird. ARC’TERYX

What Defines a ReBird product?

They’re all unicorns. Limited editions. Released in small batches, regionally. Built with the same commitment to exceptional quality and durability as any other Arc’teryx offering. Designed to turn waste into fertile ground.

Upcycled Totes. Well-loved jackets that are no longer wearable
are resurrected and upcycled into an everyday urban carry-all,
with reinforced straps, thoughtful features and exceptional
Arc’teryx craftsmanship. Endings are new beginnings.

Upcycled Pouches. Take one jacket worn down by a lifetime of
adventures, and repurpose the pieces. Introducing the brand new
ReBird pouch. A big impact in a small package. Salvage style for a
circular future.

Stowe Windshell ReBird. A performance hoody, with a conscience.
Perfect for days when winds and misty weather require lightweight,
packable protection. Made from materials saved from waste—
specifically, the ends-of-roll left after making the Squamish Hoody.
Revamped with unique colour blocks.

For more details and ReBird products, check here.


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