Nature Immersion for Health and Well-Being

Words :: The Mountain Life Editorial Team // photos :: Noa Harris.

Sponsored by :: KEEN Canada.

Take a long hike.

Hitting the trails with furry friends.

This is the easiest way to improve your overall physical and mental health, according to a growing body of research.

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A recent U.K.-based study found that spending a minimum of two hours a week in natural spaces—including parks and woodlands—dramatically increased the likelihood of improved health and well-being in participants.

Improving mental and physical health by getting outside.

We all need this today more than ever. Over the last few decades, urbanization has led to a sharp decrease in our interactions with nature. This in turn, studies show, has increased our anxiety, stress and depression. And the pandemic has exacerbated all these negative outcomes.

Luckily, moderate exercise in nature has the potential to reverse all this. In Canada and around the world, healthcare professionals and governments are strongly recommending regular doses of nature immersion as a healthier, cheaper and more accessible alternative to medication.

For the minimum two-hour dose of nature, one longish hike on the Bruce Trail or a bunch of short hikes would do the trick. A hike near home is a low-risk, pandemic-friendly option.

Fueling the soul in nature.

The Bruce Trail is a ribbon of wilderness winding through Canada’s most densely populated region, making it ideal for the nature-deprived.

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Hit the trail, it’s just what the doctor ordered.

When hiking is comfortable and safe, you’ll do it more. A long hike on the Bruce Trail is a prescription worth refilling.