Second Skins: kora’s Neema Collection

kora’s new Neema Collection boasts an innovative lighter-weight fabric combining yak wool with merino wool plus recycled polyester—a baselayer unlike anything else on the market.




Available in LS and SS Crew for men and women, a tank for men and a vest for women, plus a unisex beanie, the Neema fabric blend is for any season. We tried out the LS in a spring setting—trail-running and paddling in cool, damp weather.

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This fabric really excels in changing conditions where one minute you’re warm and the next, chilly. When you’re working hard, the fabric feels cool against your skin, and moves with you. But if you slow down or encounter a cold wind, the Neema blend instantly adapts and keeps heat in when needed. It also breathes better than a 100 per cent synthetic baselayer, so you never feel uncomfortably sweaty.




Neema LS and SS Crew

Available for women or men, the LS Crew is the ultimate activewear layer. Long in the body and crafted with super-soft Hima-Layer Neema fabric, the rib knit construction has just the right amount of stretch to move perfectly with the body.


Neema’s blend is 20% yak wool, 40% merino and 40% recycled Coolmax polyester. The combination of yak and merino provides body temperature regulation and odour resistance, and the addition of the Coolmax Eco keeps the body dry.


You can wear the ultra-thin and light SS Crew (also available for women or men) in high summer or as a base in cooler weather. It is versatile, adaptable to every activity, and designed to be worn against the skin in all weather.

The fit is unique to kora and their base layers conform to the contours of the body. Check out their Body Measurement Chart to determine your size before ordering.

Learn more about kora’s product innovations here.


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