Mountain Life to Launch Rocky Mountains Edition This Fall

For the past 18+ years, Mountain Life’s publications and digital presence have proven it’s possible to build something a community can really connect to. With the launch of ML in the Rocky Mountains, we’re confident and excited to provide this kind of connection to thousands of new readers in one of the most incredible places in the world.


Mt. Magog, Assiniboine Provincial Park, BC. STEVE OGLE


Through a bi-annual, freely-distributed print magazine, plus a robust offering throughout the digital landscape, we’ll seek to shine a bright light on the varied characters, culture, and outdoor pursuits of the Bow Valley and the Rocky Mountains region.

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“Mountains are so important to Canadians and to the world,” says MLRM Co-Publisher Keith Haberl. “Mountains are magic. Mountains matter. And words matter. Words connect us to places and to other people. They can help us see the magic, and they can evoke real change. Mountain Life is the most important mountain lifestyle magazine in Canada. We are very excited to be able to help bring it to the Rocky Mountains.”


Hikers camping in a subalpine meadow near Meadow Creek, BC. STEVE OGLE


“These days, to gift ourselves with time to slow down and read a magazine is akin to an act of rebellion,” adds MLRM Co-Publisher Kristy Davison. “I’m looking forward to curating MLRM to be something we can all look forward to savouring during that precious, hard-won time, while deepening our sense of belonging and care for this special place in the Rockies.”




By bringing the Rocky Mountains into our award-winning regional magazine model, the entire team at Mountain Life Media is stoked to keep storytelling alive and well for many years to come. Our mission is to connect people from all walks of life to the magic of the mountains, and we couldn’t be happier to spread this message throughout one of the most memorable regions in the entire world, especially with the team of Kristy and Keith at the helm.

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“The Rockies represent a huge piece of the pie in Canadian mountain communities,” says Mountain Life Founder and Publisher Glen Harris. “It brings us great joy and satisfaction knowing we have a like-minded team set up in the Rockies ready to produce and share the type of content that resonates with Mountain Lifers across the country.”


Ice climber Calixte Leblanc climbing the Weeping Wall in Banff National Park, Alberta. ALAIN DENIS


Before the launch of the print publication (MLRM) in October 2021, Mountain Life will be connecting with the mountain-loving community from Calgary to Jasper and beyond via social media and digital content. By bringing the storied Rockies region into the fold, ML will now have a physical presence in four Canadian provinces (BC, AB, ON, QC), thus connecting millions of readers in the outdoor and mountain culture communities across Canada.