ML Blue Mountains Spring Issue Out Now

In the spring issue of ML Blue Mountains we examine themes of Regeneration. The past year has tested our collective resilience again and again. If there’s an upside, it’s the opportunity to discover new possibilities we might’ve overlooked had Covid not blown up our complacency.


From the MLBM spring issue Gallery, Eric Davidson (L) and Scott Davidson, 7 a.m. paddle, Huntsville. SEAN DAVIDSON

Cover photo of Weavers Creek Falls, Owen Sound, by Zak Erb.


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Some issue highlights:

Finding “Blue Space”

Dan Rubinstein (author of Born to Walk) reports on the benefits of SUP and new research pointing to time spent on or near water as a way to boost not just physical but also mental health. So there’s another good reason to paddle more this spring/summer…



Peninsula Pressure

The Bruce Peninsula is right up there with Niagara Falls as one of Ontario’s top tourist destinations. But in recent years, visitor numbers have soared and some have left litter and local resentment in their wake. How can we regenerate our collective approach to this place we love too much?



Fragile Harvest

Photographer Paul Bettings spent a season at Lennox Farms documenting the changes in agriculture in our pandemic era. He captures this family farm as they dealt with shortfalls in every area of their operation including migrant workers, crop production and harvesting.




Kimberley Forest Trail System

Find out why these multi-use trails on 1,000 acres of public land in the Beaver Valley represent a big win for sustainable outdoor recreation.



Edible Landscaping

Humans can’t eat even the most perfectly manicured lawn. But with a little knowledge and technique, we can turn our backyards (or front yards) into edible landscapes. Why not try it? Contributing Editor Kristin Schnelten digs deeper.


Fiddlehead Nursery, Kimberley. KRISTIN SCHNELTEN


Fly-fishing in Spring

Valley legend Bobby Koven shares his tips on how to get ready for opening day on rivers throughout the Blue Mountains region and beyond. He offers tips on equipment, repair and tying, preparing for high water, and choosing your spot.




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