Coast Mountains Winter Photo Roundup

What can we say about winter in B.C.’s Coast Mountains? Actually, we don’t need to say it, since ML’s photographers have conveyed the beauty, excitement and fragility of the outdoors with more eloquence than words can muster.

Our magazines have always put photography front and centre to showcase the characters, adventures and issues in the Sea-to-Sky and beyond. And the latest winter issues of our Coast Mountains edition are no exception. Scroll down for our winter Photo Gallery highlights.


Jake Anderson, Bella Coola, BC. KYLE SMITH


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Callum Pettit, Pemberton, BC. MASON MASHON


Rusty Ockenden, Whistler backcountry. DUNCAN SADAVA


Mason Mashon Photo - ML Winter 2020-11
Callum Pettit, Whistler backcountry. MASON MASHON


Diane Lepage, Whistler Mountain Bike Park. MASON MASHON


Michael ‘Waterspider’ Darling, Vancouver Island. MARCUS PALADINO


Rider-Taylor-Godber- Pemberton-CEDRIC-LANDRY
Taylor Godber, Pemberton. CEDRIC LANDRY



Drew Tabke skimmin’ and winnin’. GARRETT GROVE


West Coast fury. TJ WATT.

Photos selected from Mountain Life Coast Mountains.