Why Fat Bike? Beer’s a Good Enough Reason.

Words :: C.G. Fuego Photos :: Colin Field.

Why fat bike? Why indeed. You know what you get with massive tires? Massive drag. Plus there’s snow on the trails. Lots of it. Which makes getting one of these bikes rolling an achievement in itself. Isn’t winter a time for skiing?

Fat Bike
When cycling is life – Photo: Colin Field


Well, for those of us that ride all year long, skiing’s a pastime, but cycling is life. Whether we’re riding inside during a good Zwift session, spinning while watching Netflix, or virtually riding the Paris Roubaix, our legs are always moving.

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Getting outside in the cold Canadian winter takes some mental fortitude, but once those massive wagon wheels are rolling, momentum is your friend. Keeping the tires on the hardpacked trail is a must and a serious technical challenge. Forget about being cold; you’ll be sweating in minutes. And if conditions are good, and you’re lucky enough to get some momentum going, flowing down some snowy singletrack is a unique experience. The muted sound of the snow-covered forest only broken by the spinning freewheel and your heaving breath.


Fat Bike Peace
Flowy, snowy single track – Photo: Colin Field


Riding on the snow is hard work. That’s what makes it so great; the workout is relentless. When was the last time you celebrated covering eight kilometres in two hours?

That level of caloric output, means it’s time for some input; Thornbury Craft’s Blue Mountain Light Lager is perfect for the occasion. Clean, dry and refreshing, this pale lager is as hydrating as it is delicious. Thornbury Craft is committed to brewing small-batch, European style pilsners and lagers that are true to traditional style while producing ultra-premium beer with the freshness of a local product. Simply put, they care about making great beer. And it goes down real easy after a thirst-inducing fat bike ride.


Craft beer
Perfect post ride companion – Photo: Colin Field


So why do we fat bike? Truthfully, we’re always riding. There’s no choice. We’re reading about it, dreaming about it, watching videos about it and talking about it. Winter is merely an excuse not to. And we don’t believe in excuses. Plus, if you really need a reason to get out there, beer’s a good enough reason isn’t it?

Thornbury Village Craft Cider and Beer:

Located in the Blue Mountains Ontario, the Thornbury Village Brewery’s beer is carefully handcrafted. They are committed to brewing small-batch European style pilsners and lagers that are true to traditional style, with the added freshness of a local product. The commitment to quality has proudly placed Thornbury Village Craft Beer on the award-winning map.

They’re currently building a full-sized brewery in Thornbury and strive to be Ontario’s leading cidery and brewery experience.

Contest alert! Thornbury Craft is giving away the ultimate Canadian experience! 


Thornbury Igloo
Thornbury Igloo experience – Photo courtesy of Thornbury Craft.

Want to win an Igloo experience for 4 people? They’ll even throw in some beer or cider, snacks and a Blue Mountain Lager prize pack for everyone! All you have to do is use #thornburycraft on social media to be entered to win!