Friday Flick: Naked Skiing

Spring is in the air and it’s time to strip the layers down and carve some corn!

“Being naked seems to have one of two effects on people: It’s either liberating, or it’s terrifying. Every once in a while, as in this naked segment from the ski movie “Valhalla,” it’s both.

The flick, which centers around one man’s quest to rediscover the freedom of his youth through his love for skiing, includes a cast of (usually clothed) adventurers who take viewers on an escapist exploration of the relationship between skiing and soul. But for 150 seconds of the film’s 63 minutes, clothes are cast aside, and the skiers let it all hang out. Deep powder, inverted jumps, cliffs and — in one wince-inducing scene — tree branches. None are enough to slow down the naked skiers.” –

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Film by Sweetgrass Productions