Catalyst iPhone Cases: Trip-Proof

We’ve used Catalyst waterproof iPhone cases on paddling trips and put them through a lot of waterborne abuse. And they’ve always stood up. Dousing your phone (or smashing it) on a paddling trip is not an option, and Catalyst cases have not let us down.


Catalyst iPhone Cases


Catalyst offers various expedition-ready cases for iPhone 12, including the Total Protection (33-ft. waterproof/ 6.6ft drop proof with built-in screen protector). With this level of protection, you can take your phone into the most unforgiving environments and never worry about damaging it.

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Many of us don’t want to be looking at our phones all day on a paddling or sailing trip. So if your phone is stowed away in your bag for emergencies, you’ll know it’s safe in the event of rain or capsize. But if you want to keep it on hand, you can take shoot photos and video in extreme conditions, including underwater.

Catalyst Case iPhone 12
The Total Protection Case for iPhone 12 Series. CATALYST


Another big perk with Catalyst’s waterproof cases? You can wash with soap and water to reduce the number of germs, dirt, and impurities on the surface. Or safely disinfect the entire surface (with the EPA-recommended 70% isopropanol or 70% ethanol).


One way to rinse off your phone. The iPhone 11 Waterproof case. MOUNTAIN LIFE


You can choose from various levels of protection. If you’re looking for a sleeker case, non-waterproof, and drop-proof to 10 feet, there’s the Vibe case, in a range of colors and with a textured grip.


The Vibe case for iPhone 12. CATALYST


It is designed with an accessory attachment point on each of the four corners of the case, known as the Crux Attachment System.

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