The Future is Circular: Helly Hansen’s Mono Material

The future of apparel is circular. So what does that mean?

With the recent launch of the Mono Material line, Helly Hansen is committing to a more circular and sustainable apparel economy. Each piece in the line features a singular material construction, enabling garment-to-garment recycling.


The women’s Mono Material Insulator, in last year’s colorway. New colorways below. Photo: Mountain Life


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Singular construction means no mixed fibers. When recycled into something new, mono materials maintain a higher quality. And for consumers, these garments are resilient and easier to care for, delivering longer-lasting performance and protection.

Take the Mono Material Insulator, for starters.

Photo: Helly Hansen


The minimalistic Insulator (available for women and men) is a handy midlayer under a roomy hardshell. A low-profile collar means it won’t bunch up and get in the way of your hardshell collar or neck gaiter, giving you more freedom of movement while your core stays cozy. And it also functions as a jacket on its own.


Photo: Helly Hansen


It’s made entirely from polyester, including insulation composed of 100% recycled down-feel polyester. The Insulator is also PFC-free and features double weave stitch-free channels, making it lightweight, comfortable and a perfect option for everyday warmth.

With this level of functionality, style and sustainability, there’s really no downside here.




Photo: Helly Hansen


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Photo: Helly Hansen

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