Outer Peace: Connecting All People to Nature

Arc’teryx is marking the start of 2021 with a brand platform called Outer Peace. Its goal is ambitious: To connect all people to the transformative power of nature.


Photo: Arc’teryx


Outer Peace kicked off last week, with Arc’teryx announcing a $1 million commitment to help support partners (see photos below) working to remove barriers and protect nature, so individuals traditionally excluded from access to nature may find Outer Peace.

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“The challenges of 2020 brought to light the importance of physical and mental wellness, and we were inspired to launch Outer Peace by asking ‘What does the world need, and what can we do to help?’” said George Weetman, Vice President of Brand and Digital Commerce at Arc’teryx.


MICHELLE PARKER, Arc’teryx Ski Athlete. Global pro-ski athlete Michelle is competitive and stubborn with an eternal happy gene. Traits that serve her well in such a high stakes career. She has a love for shredding snow but with it a deep awareness of not taking unnecessary risks and a mantra that everything will go as it will go. Photo: Arc’teryx


“Nature calms us, connects us, and heals us, and we recognized this has been central to what drives our obsessive spirit of design. Spending time in nature is at the core of who we are, and we are here to inspire others to open their doors and step outside so they can find peace—even in the harshest of weather.”


Outer Peace is centered around the benefits of nature, and how immersion in it can have measurable, long-lasting impacts on our mental, emotional, and physical well-being.


FLORENCE WILLIAMS, Author of The Nature Fix. As an author, Florence uses the written word to increase awareness of the importance of connecting with nature. Her award-winning work concentrates on the intersection of environment, health and science to showcase the significant, positive impacts just small time spent in nature can have on the human body. Photo: Arc’teryx


Backed by science and rooted in historical proof-points, Outer Peace is centered around the benefits of nature, and how immersion in it can have measurable, long-lasting impacts on our mental, emotional, and physical well-being. In collaboration with voices from the scientific, design, and sports communities, over the course of the next five years Arc’teryx will develop initiatives that champion discussion and action for everybody to be able to spend time in nature.


ADAM CAMPBELL, Arc’teryx Mountain Run Athlete. Three-time Guinness World Record holder, podium finisher at some of the world’s most competitive mountain races and an environmental lawyer. Adam is passionate about pushing his boundaries. He’s happiest when exploring a mountain with close friends and seeks to inspire others with his love for human powered movement and “suffering in beautiful places.” Photo: Arc’teryx


As part of the Outer Peace initiative, in 2021 Arc’teryx is pledging $1 million towards outdoor accessibility and nature conservancy. The brand will do this by supporting partners around the world who are working to address structural inequalities and barriers to the outdoors.


SHELMA JUN, Founder of Flash Foxy. Enriched and inspired by her female tribe, Shelma founded Flash Foxy in 2014 to create a welcoming and open female climbing community. She seeks to shed the tomboy label and make positive change happen by overcoming gender discrimination and levelling the playing field for women climbers everywhere. Photo: Arc’teryx


Over the coming months, Arc’teryx will feature its Outer Peace partners across brand channels to share knowledge, leverage Arc’teryx ambassadors and athletes to strengthen advocacy, and host activations in retail epicenters with the goal of inspiring, educating, and engaging global communities.


PETE DEVRIES, Arc’teryx Ambassador. Surfer and nine-time consecutive Canadian Men’s Champion, Pete has a thirst for adventure and going off-grid. Most at home in cold waters, he loves to embrace the new challenge and different moods of surfing that each day brings with the ocean as an inspiring and ever-changing teacher. Photo: Arc’teryx


“Research across different fields has explored the positive connections between nature and humans, and the findings are consistent: nature is transformative,” said Weetman.




MIKHAIL MARTIN, Co-Founder of Brothers of Climbing. Mikhail is challenging the view that “black people don’t climb.” As co-founder of Brothers of Climbing, he’s dedicated to opening up the outdoors to people of colour. By countering preconceptions of climbing, Mikhail hopes to increase minority involvement and inspire new generations to come together in nature as a community. Photo: Arc’teryx


“As a brand, our purpose is to connect people with nature and design, and to help them discover that the path to a better world and a better self begins outside. We believe the outdoors is for everyone, and with our Outer Peace program, we will bring forward initiatives that generate awareness and create opportunities for time well spent in nature, wherever it can be found.”


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