ML Coast Mountains Winter/Spring ’21 Issue Out Now

Let’s be clear about one thing: A shitstorm is still a storm. And amidst the continuing uncertainty, stress, and general unpleasantness of the COVID-19 pandemic, our crew out west in the Coast Mountains has dropped the new Winter/Spring issue entitled “Weathering the Storm.”


ML Coast Mountains Winter/Spring ’21 cover photo: Sammy Carlson at Retallack Lodge, B.C. Photo: DANIEL STEWART


“Here in the Coast Mountains, we weather many storms,” writes Editor Feet Banks. “Heck, for half the year, we hope for them—those angry massive spirals of moisture, wind and weird kinetic energy that roll in off the mighty Pacific…the bigger the better.”

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The newest issue focuses on the things that help us mountain lifers survive the sort of chaos a storm, of any kind, brings with it—themes of resilience, patience, situational awareness, and adaptability. “Certainly the past 12 months have been difficult,” Feet continues, “but hard times reveal firm truths and real character. The person who faces a storm head-on will not be the same when it abates—we emerge with a new perspective if nothing else. So let’s do what we mountain lifers do best: stay alert, read the landscape, consider the outcomes, and find a safe way home.”

Issue highlights include:


Brett Tippie’s Survival Secrets

Snowboard pioneer, Freeride mountain bike legend and the funniest person to ever come out of Kamloops, Brett Tippie gives his tips and tricks for how to beat the pandemic blues.



Mount (Not So) Fairweather

Andrew Findlay, Steve Ogle, and Dean Wagner spent 12 days hunkered down in a tent amidst freezing, blowing, utterly nasty weather in hopes of just one clear day to slog through sub-arctic temperatures in hopes of standing on BC’s highest peak.


Island of Life

Completely exposed to the extremities of the southern Atlantic Ocean, South Georgia Island is one of the most wildlife-dense places on the planet. Ben Haggar sails down to see (and smell) a quarter million king penguins, thousands of Antarctic fur seals, hundreds of gigantic elephant seals, and about a zillion sea birds.



Lisa Lefroy

Ski racer turned snowboarder turned freeride mountain bike barrier breaker turned businesswoman, Lisa Lefroy reflects on a life less ordinary and the importance of (socially distant virtual) high-fives in the parking lot and smiles on the trails.


Post-Partum Expectations

Everyone loves the strength of those inspiring mountain mommas who pop out a kid or two and jump back in the hills to slay pow or trails, but there are many who discover an entirely different experience after childbirth, with challenges and tribulations no one, even doctors, didn’t warn them about. The battle back to the saddle is not the same for everyone.


Rooms with ‘Shrooms

Need some 100% biodegradable acoustic panels for your fancy new ski cabin? How about some super eco-floor tiles? No problem, this Italian company will grow you some using organic waste materials and mushrooms.

Plus: all the usual stunning images, wise words, and communal feel-good vibes the Coast mag is known for. Mountain Life–Coast Mountains hits the streets today or check out the flip mag here. Stay safe and play smart everyone, we’ll get through this shitstorm yet…



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