Kane Revive: A New Crop of Recovery Footwear

A revolutionary biopolymer foam slip-on.

The Revive, by Kane Footwear, is a new kind of sustainable shoe designed for active recovery.

The latest Revive colorway: Charcoal/Black Speckle. KANE FOOTWEAR


Active Recovery Design

The Revive is not just another “comfy” recovery shoe. It is a pre and post-workout slip-on designed to stimulate muscle recovery and thwart fatigue. Data-driven input from Dr. Daniel Geller, a renowned foot and ankle surgeon, as well as a veteran footwear designer for Crocs, Under Armour and Nike, help to inform Kane’s active recovery design.

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Kane footwear
The Wasabi/Lime colorway. KANE FOOTWEAR



Most shoes use a complicated multilayer construction to fuse the upper with the midsole. Kane’s uppers are connected directly to a generously cushioned lower, with 31mm cushioning under the heel and 22mm cushioning under the forefoot. Combined with a dual-density construction—a design that accommodates varying degrees of pronation—this design provides the perfect balance of cushioning and support.


Kane-Revive-A New-Crop-of-Regenerative-Footwear-bike-wheel

Energy Return

Proper design can help provide energy return to aid us in taking our next step. A 12mm drop in height from heel to toe reduces stress on the heel, Achilles tendon, and calf, while providing optimal transferability and energy return. The Revive creates a smooth transition from heel, to mid-foot, to push-off from your toes.


Kane-Revive-A New-Crop-of-Regenerative-Footwear-tread

Sustainable Manufacturing

Having founded apparel and gear brand Maverik Lacrosse, Kane CEO John Gagliardi is keenly aware of the environmental harm that can be caused through the production of consumer goods. With Kane Footwear, Gagliardi is focused on reducing environmental impact during the manufacturing process. The Kane Revive is the world’s first recovery slip-on to be manufactured using a biopolymer derived from renewably sourced Brazilian sugarcane.


Kane-Revive-A New-Crop-of-Regenerative-Footwear-walking-with-yoga-mat


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