Friday Flick: Extraordinarily Present

Today’s flick is brought to you by Filson X Meta. Words by: Thor Drake 

“Thor Drake is the founder & owner of Portland, Oregon’s esteemed See See Motorcycles and The One Moto Trade Show.

Widely-respected in the Pacific Northwest motorcycle community, Thor was an obvious choice when it came time to field-testing the 2021 Filson Alcan Moto Collection on the Washington Backcountry Discovery Route. below he shares a perspective from the trip and makes a strong case for venturing beyond your comfort zone.”

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“Riding motorcycles can be extremely dangerous and demanding, both mentally and physically. Sure, it can also be easy and delightful at times, but those moments inevitably fade the further you cross through physical distances and personal limits. Keep going and eventually you’ll become more acquainted with things like pain and fear, and that’s when the journey really starts to get interesting. All good things come with a price; it’s just a question of whether you’re willing to pay it.

Four of us would start an expedition somewhere northeast of Seattle, deep in the heart of the Northern Cascades. We planned for six days of riding south on the remote Washington Backcountry Discovery Route, ending at the mighty Columbia River on the Oregon border. Aaron Piazza, an industrial designer by day, had done the ride earlier that summer, so naturally he became the group leader. Piazza roped in his co-worker and friend Ben Mabry to join us on the ride, as well. Completing the group was Brett Simundson, who had just bought a bike only a week before the trip. He’s a tough fella whose ambition would make up for any lack of experience. As for me, I made the trek north from Portland to join in on what was sure to be an unforgettable adventure.” See the full article.