Bruce County: Ontario’s Small Town Frontier

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Many people daydream about moving closer to what matters the most to them—the astonishing outdoor spaces they seek to explore, or having more time to share with loved ones by ditching the commute while surrounded by an uplifting community. “Villages” to help raise their families—but not as many people realize how possible it actually is.




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For some, the daily grind to make ends meet can feel somewhat fruitless. The hustle of making a living that doesn’t really feel like living the dream. More like living to work instead of working to live.

More and more people are looking to leave the general stressors of the city behind in search of a more chilled out locale where they can find a better balance between supporting their lives while living it to the fullest.

Bruce County, Ontario, is the explorers’ playground, attracting 2.5 million visitors each year. With its dramatic landscapes and coastal wilderness, each season presents irresistible scenery with endless options for year-round outdoor recreation. But is it possible to make the move and settle in year-round?

Absolutely. Over 68,000 people already have, most of whom live in the small towns and communities that freckle across the enchanting rural interior.




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A move to Bruce County offers the freedom to explore creative ways to make a living. One of the most important considerations to make when calculating a move to a small town is income. The County welcomes new creative ideas when it comes to new businesses, with already established operations keeping their doors open to one another in collaboration while helping to build the colourful mosaic of services and experiences found in the area.

With so many ingenious businesses already in swing and looking to hire, finding a job to get a landing start isn’t hard to find. The communities across Bruce County need all the help they can get during the busy on-season and with proper planning, year-round employment is definitely achievable. The entrepreneur or creative freelancer won’t have difficulty networking—businesses working together to get the word out on what’s local is how it works in Bruce County. People are also finding creative ways to work from home, making it more manageable to live a little more spread out.




The small-town frontier doesn’t mean remote living. It can be. But for the majority of people living in Bruce County, work and amenities are found within reach. Schools are smaller and closer to those outdoor spaces that contribute a higher ceiling to the learning atmosphere. With a designated World Biosphere Reserve in their backyard, students of Bruce County get to experience a healthy dose of the eco-rich wilderness all through the year.

Providing kids with a back-road childhood has never been more attractive. With life and school demanding so much more time on screen, having nature in your face just outside the front door is good for their senses. Raising kids closer to the small things like grasshoppers, frogs and pill-bugs kindle their curiosity while nurturing a closer connection to nature.




For anyone inclined to work with their hands and are up to the task, renovating a fixer-upper could be a lifetime option. The County is rife with homesteaders, growing their vegetables and raising chickens, exchanging ideas and a helping hand at living with more self-sufficiency.

Bruce County embraces an explorer lifestyle. A place to explore not just beyond your front door. Bruce County is home to explore a new path in life, so that you can keep getting out there and relish those moments on trail, and embracing the things in life that matter the most to you.

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