Quebec Winter Showcase: A Year of Vie en montagne Photography

Just over a year ago, Mountain Life Media launched the bilingual Vie en montagne. Through ideas, art, storytelling and exceptional photos, Vie en montagne showcases the characters, adventures and issues in the Quebec outdoors—inspiring people to create stories of their own.


Rider unknown, Saint-Sauveur des Monts. Photo: ALAIN DENIS


In a world of homogenized media that does little more than self-replicate and feed off itself, Vie en montagne delivers a deeper, more meaningful connection.

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To celebrate Quebec’s vibrant outdoor spaces and joie de vivre, we’ve collected these Gallery photos from the first two winter issues.


Lac Delage, QC. Photo: DYLAN PAGE


7 chutes, St Féréole, QC. Photo: BEN GAGNON


Serge Bussière, Chute à Guy, WI5, Vallée Bras du Nord, Portneuf, QC. Photo: NELSON RIOUX




Des kayakistes pagaient tant qu’il le peuvent sur le lac Stukely. / An early winter storm coats the shores of Lake Stukely in a fresh layer of snow. Photo: NICHOLAS SPOONER


Premières lueurs du jour sur un tapis de corduroy au Massif de Charlevoix. / Sunrise on a “corduroy” ski slope at Le Massif de Charlevoix. Photo: ALAIN BLANCHETTE


Alain Bellefleur s’invite à l’après-ski dans les environs de Tremblant. / Alain Bellefleur skied his way to a happy hour around Tremblant. Photo: BEN BOLLULO


Le skieur Jean-Philippe Pelletier parmi les fantômes de neige. / Skier Jean-Philippe Pelletier rips through freshly fallen snow. Photo: ALAIN DENIS


Guillaume Morisset s’échauffe aux abords du fleuve Saint-Laurent. / A self-portrait by Guillaume Morisset dropping near the St. Lawrence River. Photo: GUILLAUME MORISSET


Le grimpeur Jeff Mercier en ascension sur la voie Honey Make it Shine, dans le parc national du Fjord-du-Saguenay. / Jeff Mercier climbing Honey Make it Shine, Fjord-du-Saguenay National Park. Photo: TIM BANFIELD


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