Mountain Life Presents: Skadi Life and Camping Tee

Mountain Life is thrilled to bring you two new t-shirt designs from Mountain Lifer Stu Mackay-Smith.

Enter Skadi: Goddess of Winter.

Available in Men’s, Women’s and Youth fit.

Skaði—often anglicized as Skadi—shows up in nearly all the surviving Norse mythological texts. And in all of them, she is a force to be reckoned with; a Norse ski goddess associated with bowhunting, skiing, winter and mountains, who’s legend should be celebrated as much, or more, as we do Ullr. So bring on the character-testing missions in the backcountry full of punishing climbs, gnarly descents, and midnight howls with the wolves (all between swigs of ice-cold vodka, her favourite). Done right, a pre-season Skadi party sounds a lot more badass than a typical Ullr shindig, and it might even bring us more snow.

If we’re going to unearth Skadi’s legend and keep her spirit alive, you might as well start by buying this T-shirt, (and the beer from Collingwood Brewery) and head for the hills.

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$5 of Every Shirt Sold will be donated to our local chapter of Protect Our Winters.

Another fresh look from the Mountain Life shop is our new Camping Tee:

Camping Tee – Fresh design by Stu Mackay-Smith.

Camping is much more than luminous sunsets or the crackle-pop of a beach fire; it’s the chance to combine the key elements of our history—an ancient trail, a cedar canoe, your grandfather’s hatchet, with the incredible technology of the present (like being able to buy this T-shirt from a frigging phone!). It’s creating comfort and simplicity in a harsh environment to help smooth some of the sharp edges off our minds.

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These Tee’s are from Mountain Life Blue Mountains 2021 and Coast Mountains Summer 2020. Check out all our recent mag covers!