Friday Flick: A Tribute to the Sunshine Coast

B.C.‘s Sunshine Coast landscapes come to life in this astonishing edit by local filmmaker Dolf Vermeulen.



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“As far as the eye could see, islands, big and little, crowded all around us—each with its wooded slopes rising to a peak covered with windblown firs; each edged with twisted juniper, scrub-oak and mosses, and each ready to answer immediately to any name we thought the chart might like it to have.”

This quote from Muriel Wylie Blanchet’s 1961 book The Curve of Time brilliantly sums up the beauty of B.C.’s Sunshine Coast as it was decades ago. Today, a visual equivalent of Blanchet’s acclaimed travelogue has arrived: A Tribute to the Sunshine Coast, filmed and produced by Dolf Vermeulen.

Watch the wild symphony of life unfold before your eyes in this visually arresting edit. Vermeulen, who was raised on the Sunshine Coast, captured this landscape and wildlife footage over several years and has compiled his best work to inspire us all.

This heartfelt tribute to the natural world, narrated by stenukws (Rita Poulsen) of the shíshálh Nation, is bound to give you goosebumps as you dive into the heart of “a powerful and captivating paradise where nature reigns and soul-searchers find solace.”

While we can’t travel there right now, we can certainly appreciate the powerful magic from afar.

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